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TQM System
Inspection Submittal Service
We have established our own autonomous inspection service, it's the preliminary investigation to make sure product in consistent high value quality.
  Scope   Standard No.
  Safety of Information Technology Equipment   EN60950-1/UL60950-1/CSA22.2-60950-1/IEC60950-1
  Audio, video and similar electronic apparatus   EN60065/UL6500/E60065-00/IEC60065
  Household and similar electrical appliances   EN60335-1/IEC60335-1,EN50366
  Luminaire   EN60598-1/IEC60598-1
  Safety of power transformers, power supply units and similar   EN61558-1/IEC61588-1
  Lamp controlgear   EN61347-1/IEC61347-1
  Electric Fans   UL507
  Motor-Operated Household Food Preparing Machines   UL982
  Electric Household Cooking and Food Serving Appliances   UL1026
  Household Electric Coffee Makers and Brewing-Type Appliances   UL1082
  Household Electric Skillets and Frying-Type Appliances   UL1083
  Motor-Operated Massage and Exercise Machines   UL1647
  Garment Finishing Appliances   UL141
  Portable Electric Luminaires   UL153
  Personal Hygiene and Health Care Appliances   UL1431
  Self-Ballasted Lamps and Lamp Adapters / Fluorescent-Lamp Ballasts   UL1993 / UL935
  Luminaires   UL1598
  Transformers or Adapters   UL1585
  Class 2 Power Units   UL1310
Conformity Assessment Service (CAS)

1. CE ( Conformite Europende)
2. GS (Grand Sedan (Salon))
3. VDE ( Prufstelle Testing and Certification Institute)
4. CSA (Canadian Standards Association)

5. FCC (Federal Communication Commission)
6. ETL (Energy Technology Laboratories)
7. UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.)

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