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Development Centre
R&D System
We are investing 15% of our annual sales into our R&D lab., developing for instrument and technical updating, that's a commitment most other makers can't match. All this research has paid off. Meanwhile, our professional design makes company getting a name and many profits. We are currently carrying out reliability tests on new products.

Creation is H&L’s soul by a marketing product developing system with powerful engineer team and management combining with professional laboratory and development center.
Development Center
1. High-Speed Machining Center
  Function: Working flat, sphere and
whorl for metals and nonmetals.
2. Wire Cut Electric Digital Control Machine Tool
  Function: Working irregular shape, cutting interior angle for stainless steel, chilled steel, strong alloy, copper, aluminum and so on.

3. Die Sinking Electro-discharge Machine
  Function: It can work thick-thin one time.

4. Lathe
  Function: It can work for turning, boring and machining of metric, inch,
moduel and diametral threads, as well as drilling, cutting, hinging.

5. Milling Machine
  Function: Mill or drill all kinds of material.

6. Surface Grinder
  Function: Grind or pare the surface of metals.

7. Hand Folder
  Function: Fold up an iron plates which is thinner than 2mm or soft metals thinner than 5mm.

Handmade series
‧Working the long SS1 case
‧Handmade sample of SS1 base
   & cover
‧Handmade sample of SS1 base
   & cover
‧Working up cover of C1 case

Mould series
‧Precise mould
‧Plastic mould
‧Terminal tooling

Electrode series
‧SS3 mould electrode
‧SS6 mould electrode
‧SS7 mould electrode
‧Remote control handle
   electrode of game machine
EMI Testing
We have a very skilled quality control team to solve problems and provide customer service. We have our own laboratory facilities to carry-out reliability testing and have passed ISO17025 approvals. We also employ team of safety testers to assure our products conform with safety standards.
Incoming material must be inspected by IQC. In process, every line has one IPQC to make production inspections, including first product inspection. We perform final inspection according to FQC. On outgoing products, we perform inspection according to OQC.
Testing Item
Safety Test
  Input Test   High Temperature & Low Temperature Test
  Temperature Test   Insulation Impedance Test
  Over Load Test   Screw Torque Test
  Leakage-Current Test   Needle Flame Test
  Dielectric Voltage-Withstand Test   Ground Impedance Test
  Working Voltage Test   Tracking Test
Reliability Test
* Climate Environment Test
  Safety Testing Item   The Range   The Standard
  Vibration Test   The Level、The Vertical、The Sine、
  The Random、The Sine + The Random
  GB/T2423.10 I   IEC 60068-2-6
  Packing depreciation   Most high loading:0-100Kg /
  Biggest sample size1000*800*100(mm)
  GB/T2423.8   IEC 60068-2-32
* Mechanical environment test
  Safety Testing Item   The Range   The Standard
  High Temperature Test   Room temperature ~ 300℃   GB2423.2   IEC60068-2-2
  Low Temperature Test   Room temperature ~ -40℃   GB2423.1   IEC 60068-2-1
  Temperature & Humidity Test   20℃ ~ 95℃,20 ~ 98%RH   GB/T2423.3   IEC 60068-2-3
  Temperature & Humidity Cycle Test   -40℃ ~ 150℃,20 ~ 98%RH   GB/T2423.4   IEC 60068-2-30
  Temperature Cycle Test   -40℃ ~ 150℃   GB/T2423.22   IEC 60068-2-14
  Salt Spay Test   Neutral salt mist   GB/T2423.17   IEC 60068-2-11
  Ball Pressure Test      
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