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Customized Solutions
High & Low Corp. has strong design ability, we can design EMI/RFI filters depending on your applications and can solve many kinds of EMC adverse problems. These EMI filters meets special mechanical layout and installation requirements. Call us today!

Ultra-thin, single phase metal chassis RFI filter. Rated current from 1A~15A.
Voltage: 115/250 VAC.

3 Phase PFC choke for high current applications (motor, frequency converter, elevator).

EMI Power Line Filters for DC Telecom applications, with high current (1~250Amps) / High frequency.

PCB mountable special design for PC board requirement, which allow many devices to meet industry specifications for EMI control. Open frame filters mounts directly to printed circuit board without case which can be developed and manufactured by us according to your specific requirements.

Special design for wireless M2M solutions. Single phase filters, with IEC inlet socket and fuse holder.

SS5 series 3 phase EMI filter design.

Application for navy equipment, military device, power system of aircraft or naval vessel.

Different I/O way single phase filters, SS4 series with customized B1 case.
Low EMI noises generated layout, EMI shielding material as earth wire material, better performance in providing electromagnetic shielding solutions, reduce conducted noises of electronic products. IEC Inlet Filters with long case design.

With IEC320 design high performance EMI filter, including an earth line choke and across the line VDR. For use with medical grade X-ray machine.

PFC Choke. Most for UPS device. Power factor correction, which can successfully avoid the influences of the oscillation brought by the operational high-frequency switching in PFC circuit.

Increased system capacity, improved voltage. It’s in the use of larger generators, transformers, bus bars, wires, and other distribution system devices.

Meet IEC 61000-3-2 compliance - Much less power is lost in generating useless “harmonics” that unnecessarily load down the AC electrical delivery system. Harmonics are caused by switching power supplies and in other sophisticated machines, including computers and variable frequency drivers. Harmonics can distort the basic sine wave, as well as cause high currents on the neutral and ground wires in a system.

Ballast appliance. 5 wires output terminal.

Many types of light bulbs utilize technology that involves the use of ballasts to control electrical current flow. They are integral components for these light bulbs, without ballasts, they would not have practical applications.

Ballasts serve only several key functions in lighting applications, ballasts are employed in light bulbs to control the electrical current drawn in from a power source. Another function of light ballasts is to provide the light bulb they are hooked into with a starting voltage.


Cy + Resistor custom design for KDS. (Kinematic Diagnostics System), long wires for output terminal.


High performance EMI filter for household equipment.
IEC inlet filter, IEC inlet both for input/output terminal.

3 phase EMI filter with capacitor-switched design.

1. High common-mode attenuation.
2. Voltage range 110 to 460V.
3. Excellent attenuation performance in grounding (two-sided screwed).
4. Protect negative voltage spikes.

Accessory Features

SS1 PVC cover, insulating cover to use on SS1 series.
SS3(SW) PVC cover, insulating cover to use on SS3(SW) series.
SS3 case PVC cover, insulating cover to use on SS3 series.
SS6 PVC cover, insulating cover to use on SS6 series.
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